Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ROFL Awards - November

Izzy and I would like to congratulate all the winners of November's ROFL Awards! By keeping us chuckling you are adding years to our lives - so thank you!

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Mommy off the Record awarded Steven Novak

Everything this man writes is funny. This happens to be one of many funny things he posted in November. But how can reminiscing about lip syncing during a 6th grade talent show wearing a "tight, almost leotard-esque half shirt" not be funny? It's funny, people. I guarantee you.
Jack's Raging Mommy awarded The Sarcastic Journalist

The Silent I awarded Metro Dad

Izzy Mom
and The Journey awarded Joy Unexpected

Oh the Joys
awarded Chucheria

Halushki awarded Almost Quintessence

Red Stapler awarded Jonniker

Crankmama awarded One Weird Mother

Girl Plus Two awarded Oh the Joys

Island Life
awarded Gone to Plaid

Girl Con Queso awarded Jenny from Mama Drama

Scribbit awarded Days to Come

Eva Las Vegas awarded Susie Sunshine

Much More than a Mom awarded A Simple Country Girl's Dream

Momish awarded Jenny from Mama Drama

Radioactive Girl awarded Mothergoosemouse
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