Monday, October 08, 2007

Reality Check

Last night while I was working out at the gym, I looked down at myself. I was toned, trim, and in overall great shape. I couldn't believe it! Just 7 weeks after having a baby and I had NO cellulite. None! I looked good. Damn good.

And lemme tell you, it was such a great feeling. I felt young and healthy and in shape.

...And then I woke up, hauled my fat butt out of bed, and had myself a cinnamon roll for breakfast to get over the disappointment of my reality check.

By the way, have you tried the take-and-bake cinnamon rolls that they sell at Ikea? Yeah, I know - a furniture store is an unlikely place to find tasty danish, but after eating several of them I can guarantee you that they truly are delicious. Especially right out of the oven. So warm and toasty. Mmmmmmm.


Anonymous slackermommy said...

I had the same dream! And the same cinnamon roll!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Karly said...

Dude. I hated you all through that first paragraph. ;)

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so lucky that 1st paragraph was followed by the second...there was some serious hate vibes going on around here :)

9:45 AM  
Blogger crazymumma said...

we all have similar dreams.

We are so damn hard on ourselves huh?

pass the cinnamon rolls now wouldya?

10:39 AM  
Blogger Kyla said...

LOL. Only in my dreams, too.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Tendrils said...

I have that dream every night too!! Heheehee! Haven't tried the cinnamon rolls, but if they are ANYTHING like their meatballs, I'm sold! :)

Enjoy the day!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Lawyer Mama said...

Dude, I was about to reach through the laptop and bitch slap you, but then you redeemed yourself.

Those cinnamon rolls at IKEA are like crack. I had no idea they had take and bake rolls though.... Uh oh.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Motherhood Uncensored said...

God those are good.

Except they glare at me every time I say "cinnabon."


11:23 AM  
Blogger Mommy off the Record said...

LM: Oops. They're not actually take-and-bake! I must be low on brain cells or something for writing that! I just put them in the oven when I get home to make them warm. So much better that way :)

11:24 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Call me Pollyanna, but that sleek you is in there. Bet you'll be writing a paragraph similar to this before Valentine's Day.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Fog City Mommy said...

I have met you.
you are a twig.
seriously, chill


1:31 PM  
Blogger Mommy off the Record said...

FCM: thank you, though I hardly see myself as a twig. It would definitely take more than a soft breeze to blow me over these days. :)

The worst part, though, is that as I get bigger, Husband seems to be getting smaller. He actually wishes he could gain weight. Grrr.

2:00 PM  
Blogger Tuesday Girl said...

Another reason to go to Ikea!

4:49 PM  
Blogger dawn224 said...

Great Harvest has a cinnamon roll that I think gave my husband the happies yesterday.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Feener said...

i love cinnabon, so i am sure i would love those. damn, now i want one.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Yep, first paragraph, I was hating you...then I got over it (and had a bowl of cookie dough). Now, I feel better. agggghhhh

8:43 PM  
Blogger kgirl said...

hmmm, gotta go to ikea this weekend anyway...

6:44 AM  
Blogger Pumpkin said...

Awww maaaan, see now I'm starving....actually drooling on my keyboard.........I blame you woman and I will bill you when the keyboard finally quits due to excessive slobber!!!!!!!

However, if you want to avoid all that legal could just send me a months worth of meatballs..........

What do you mean you can't Fed-ex them.........that's just being mean!!!!!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Oh my gosh.... That looks so yummy. That's worth cellulite (in my opinion.)

10:27 AM  
Anonymous pinks & Blues Girls said...

That's a dream I know well.

I think I just put 10 lbs. on just looking at that cinnamon roll.

Jane, Pinks & Blues

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Smiling Mom said...

When I'm at the gym, I'm strutting my stuff feeling all hot and fit and young, then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and get a HUGE reality check. What happened to my cute 18 year old body and face??!!

1:24 PM  
Anonymous andi said...

The weight is so much worse after #2, isn't it? What have we done?

3:57 PM  
Blogger lildb said...

oh, you KNOW I love those damn things.


11:16 PM  

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